Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing Your Passion

An interview of collegiate volleyball star, Amanda Lake, at St. Mary’s University about how she found her passion, the amount of time and effort that she puts into it, and what she loves most about it.

New Beginnings

Into the Mind of a Busy Student-Athlete

My third fall semester is here and it has begun in full force. I reported to school a week earlier than other students because the volleyball team started pre-season on Aug. 6. So, my semester has started off very busy. I am excited for this semester because I have finally finished most of the core classes we are required to take so I have more freedom to take classes that I want for my major. I am really looking forward to this class for many reasons, one being that I am interested in learning about how to use WordPress to manage my own website and publish media onto it. I feel that in today’s age, employers are really interested in candidates who know their way around technology well and can be creative with it. One challenge that I anticipate having this semester is balancing my classwork while I am away—on the road for volleyball. I have balanced it well in the past, but being that we only meet for this class twice a week, I feel like I may miss out on important information. I am hoping that one of my friends in class can possibly record the class for me so that I can try to get as much of the information missed as possible. This class relates to my career because I am interested in communication, marketing and advertising. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to take this class and I cannot wait to gain all of the knowledge that this class will provide!