Media Production Class

Closing Thoughts

This Media Production class has helped me strengthen my communication skills through technology by introducing Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Rock Band to me. Before taking this course, I did not have the necessary knowledge that I now have to make media projects, edit photos using Photoshop, and create my own podcasts using Rock Band. The class has also helped me learn how to effectively use a voice recorder and microphone to conduct interviews and by editing these interviews, I have more knowledge on how to speak when I am being interviewed.

The class has helped me strengthen my communication skills visually by teaching me how to effectively take photos and videos by using the 5 shot rule. By understanding the different angles and distances including close up of hands, close up of face, over-the-shoulder shot, medium shot (head and shoulder only), and a wide shot (full body shown). I also gained knowledge on where the best places to shoot pictures and videos is, like shooting in brightly lit areas, preferably outside in the sunlight and also using the rule of thirds.

Finally, this class has helped me strengthen my interpersonal communication skills by giving me a stronger confidence when getting interviewed which has been very helpful for me because this year I have already been interviewed for volleyball post games twice, and I have felt a lot more confident than past years speaking in front of a camera. It has also helped by helping me know the best ways to talk to my interviewee’s if I am conducting the interview, taking pictures, or video of another person. Overall, I think that this class has helped me improve my communication skills in multiple areas tremendously and will be strong skills to add to my resume.